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セカンドアルバム。 Nakiez vol.01 : V.A. : 全国で100バンド以上が参加した2003年度のNAKIEZイベントで、大会で勝利した6BANDによるコンピレーションアルバム。<br />
ALASKA IN BLONDからは2曲収録。 Nakiez vol.05(DVD付) : オムニバス : ネイキーズのVOL.5<br />
ライブDVD付き。1曲参加。 黄金町バーバラ : ALASKA in BLOND : ALASKA in BLONDの1ST.アルバム<br />
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2019-07-10 ArtNo.46517(1/33)

○日印、モディ安倍会議に先立って初の2+2協議(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46518(2/33)
◆大阪G20 莫迪-特朗普会谈,提供促进印美关系的路线图

○印日,在莫迪安倍会议之前举办第一次2+2会谈(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46519(3/33)
◆Modi-Trump meet at Osaka G20 provides a road map to moving Indo-US relations forward

【New Delhi】Despite a noisy run-up and continuing, thorny challenges, the Indo-US relationship has emerged from last week's G-20 meeting in Osaka between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump with a decidedly positive trajectory.
○India has to forge partnerships in developing 5G technology. Will it be China?
○New US strategy excludes Pakistan
○India-Japan maiden 2+2 talks ahead of Modi-Abe meeting(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46520(4/33)

【ニューデリー】ナレンドラ・モディ首相は6月15日に催された政府直属のシンクタンク『インド改造全国評議会(NITI Aayog:National Institution for Transforming India Aayog)』の会合で、2024年までにインド経済を5兆米ドルに拡大する目標を提起した。
○インドは5兆ドル経済を実現できるか(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46521(5/33)

【新徳里】印度政府的主要政策智囊团『全国改革印度学会(NITI Aayog:National Institution for Transforming India Aayog)』在5月15日举办的会议上,纳伦徳拉·莫迪总理提起到2024年底之前将印度经济扩展到5亿美元的目标。
○印度能否成为5万亿美元的经济体?(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46522(6/33)
◆What a trillion economy would look like

【New Delhi】At the meeting of the Governing Council of the NITI Aayog on June 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the target of a trillion economy for India by 2024.
○To achieve its '-trn economy' goal, India must stop scoring own goals
○Can India become a trillion economy? (...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46523(7/33)

【ニューデリー】近く上程される2019年度予算案には、農業部門に対する各種施策が盛り込まれるものと見られる。報告書によれば、2022年までに農業所得を倍増させるという目標を達成するため、政府は投資目的の長期借入にインセンティブを提供する必要もありそうだ。インド国立銀行(SBI:State Bank of India)はその調査報告書エコラップにおいて、「農業部門の資本形成は著しく停滞している」と述べている。
○デジタル・テックで農業所得倍増支援(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46524(8/33)

【新徳里】即将到来的2019年联邦预算案被预料为农业部门提供大量措施。根据报告,为了实现到2022年前农业收入翻番的目标,政府似乎还需要在即将到来的预算中为投资目的农业贷款提供奖励。印度国家银行(SBI:State Bank of India)在其研究报告Ecowrap中说「农业部门,资本形成明显地停滞不前。」
○数字技术帮助农民的收入増加一倍(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46525(9/33)
◆Budget 2019 may focus on long-term agricultural measures to double farmers' income

【New Delhi】The coming Union Budget 2019 may see a plethora of measures for the agriculture sector. In order to achieve the objective of doubling farm income by 2022, the government also needs to provide an incentive to agri term loans for investment purpose in the upcoming budget, the report said. The capital formation in agriculture has significantly stagnated, SBI said in its research report Ecowrap.
○Digital tech to help in doubling farmers' income(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46526(10/33)

○銀行、現金還流業者利用し、手数料引き上げ待つ(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46527(11/33)

【孟买】由南丹•尼勒卡尼(Nandan Nilekani)先生领导的高级委员会已建议中央银行应该选任一群当地商务人士和零售店作为在郊区城镇中心将电子货币转换成现金的所谓的现金点(cash points)。
○银行利用现金环流商,等待交换费上调(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46528(12/33)
◆RBI formed panel suggests roping in local retailers to act as cash points

【Mumbai】A high-level Nandan Nilekani-led panel has suggested the RBI rope in local business correspondents and local retail stores to act as cash points in semi-urban centres.
○RBI study moots boost to acceptance infra for digital payments
○Banks use cash recyclers, wait for hike in interchange fee (...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46529(13/33)

○2019年下院選挙結果は、宗教的分裂深刻化の現れ(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46530(14/33)

○2019年大选结果是宗教分裂深化的表现(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46531(15/33)
◆India gives Modi a high five

【New Delhi】Making major gains in West Bengal and Odisha while holding his own in northern India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cruised to a second term in office, with the BJP alone looking set to win just over 300 seats in the seven-phase Lok Sabha election.
○The 2019 verdict is a manifestation of the deepening religious divide in India 【New Delhi】It (...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46532(16/33)

○パキスタンの『核開発の父』カーン氏の回顧(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46533(17/33)

○巴基斯坦核武之父汗先生的回忆(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46534(18/33)
◆Pakistan's Modi dilemma

【Islamabad】With Prime Minister Modi's spectacular win in the Indian general elections last month, Pakistan's fraught relations with India have been thrown into sharp relief.
○Selective engagement
○'Father of Pakistan's Nuclear Development' Mr. Khan's reminiscence (...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46535(19/33)

○インド、パキスタンにカルタープール回廊問題協議提案(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46536(20/33)

【伊斯兰堡】消息人士于6月20日告诉巴基斯坦的地理新闻(Geo News)说,印度总理纳伦徳拉·莫迪接受了巴基斯坦总理伊姆兰·汗的恢复克什米尔问题在内的所有课题的双边会谈的提议。
○印度关于卡尔塔尔普尔走廊问题向巴基斯坦提议会谈(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46537(21/33)
◆India accepts PM Imran's offer for talks: sources

【Islamabad】Indian PM Narendra Modi has accepted PM Imran Khan's offer for resumption of talks between the two countries on all issues including Kashmir, sources told Geo News on June 20.
○No request for talks with Pakistan: India
○India proposes meeting with Pakistan on Kartarpur Corridor(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46538(22/33)

【オーランド】国際的な資金洗浄監視機関『マネーロンダリングに関する金融活動作業部会(FATF:Financial Action Task Force)』は6月21日、パキスタンに対し10月までに国際行動計画合意書に基づきテロ組織に対する金融抑止環境を改善するよう求め、同指示に従わない場合には制裁を科すと警告した。
○パキスタン、本国送還者に対する死刑廃止(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46539(23/33)

【奥兰多】国际性货币洗钱管理机构『反洗钱金融行动特别工作组(FATF:Financial Action Task Force)』于6月21日向巴基斯坦警告说「到10月前改善其威慑恐怖组织金融的环境,否则将面临制裁。」
○巴基斯坦撤销被遣返人的死刑(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46540(24/33)
◆Global watchdog give Pakistan until October to curb terror financing

【Orlando】Pakistan has until October to improve its counter-terror financing operations in line with an internationally agreed action plan or face actions against it, a global watchdog said on June 21.
○Threat of FATF blacklist averted
○Pak to revoke capital punishment for extradited people(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46541(25/33)

○カーン首相、防衛予算を自主的に削減した軍を称賛(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46542(26/33)

○汗总理称赞军方自愿削减国防预算(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46543(27/33)
◆Afghan conflict: Pakistan, US agree on political settlement

【Islamabad】Soon after the Taliban announced that there would be no Eid truce and they would continue to fight even as Ramazan was coming to a close, Pakistan on Sunday advised caution and said it encouraged all sides to seize the moment to end the prolonged conflict through a political settlement.
○Pakistan stresses need for intra-Afghan dialogue to end war
○PM Imran Khan lauds Pakistan Military for voluntarily cutting defence budget(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46544(28/33)

【コロンボ】スリランカの停職中の警察長官と前国防次官が7月4日、260人近くが犠牲になった復活祭(Easter Sunday)爆弾テロを予防できなかった廉で刑事捜査局(CID:Criminal Investigation Department)に逮捕された。
○スリランカ情勢は既に危殆:イスラム協力機構大使(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46545(29/33)

【科伦坡】斯里兰卡被停职的警察总长和前国防部常务秘书于7月4日被刑事调查局(CID:Criminal Investigation Department)逮捕,因为他们涉嫌未能阻止造成近260人死亡的复活节爆炸事件。
○斯里兰卡局势非常担忧:伊斯兰会议组织特使(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46546(30/33)
◆Sri Lanka's suspended police chief, ex-Defence Secretary arrested

【Colombo】Sri Lanka's suspended police chief and former Defence Secretary were on July 04 arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department for their alleged failure to prevent the Easter Sunday bombings that claimed nearly 260 lives.
○CJ nominates seven-judge-bench to hear Easter Sunday FR petitions
○Sri Lanka situation 'extremely worrying', say OIC envoys(...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46547(31/33)


[著者略歴](...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46548(32/33)

○底本说(Documentary Hypothesis)
[作者简历](...Read more)
2019-07-10 ArtNo.46549(33/33)
◆New book:The origin of Christianity: An Epic Tale of the People of the Covenant

 In the region from Mesopotamia situated within the Tigris–Euphrates river to Palestine, city states, where agricultural and nomadic people had lived together, have risen and fallen since ancient times. The agricultural people played leading role in the most of these city states. However, the nomads traded not only with Egypt in the west but also with India and China in the east and served as catalysts for cross-cultural fusion.
○Documentary hypothesis
○Paulus' family
○The origin of "Faith of Atonement"
○The baptism of the Holy Spirit (Born of causes and conditions)
○Jesus' Triumphant Entry of Jerusalem
○The story of the birth of Deuteronomy
[Acknowledgement for the sixth edition]
[Acknowledgements for the first edition]
[Notes about the Author] (...Read more)
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